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\\when it is dark enough, you can see the stars//

...where it all begins...

13 February
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acoustic guitars, acting girly, adam sandler, adult swim, aladdin, aliens, angels, animation, anime, aubrey/maturin, b.e.n., back to the future, ballads, barbies, bart simpson, batman, beauty and the beast, ben hawkins, ben stiller, benny and joon, bisexuality, black cat, boys, cabin boys, calling my dad bill, captain amelia, captains, carnivale, cartoons, cat in the hat, charlie's angels, chick flicks, city of angels, clone high, comic books, cowboy bebop, danny elfman, degrassi, dib membrane, disney, doctor doppler, dr. seuss, dreams, dreamworks, dresses, drew barrymore, ed wood, elizabeth swann, foo fighters, friends, futurama, girls, god, goo goo dolls, grunge, hal sparks, harry osborn, havana, horror movies, i love the '70s, i love the '80s, illusions, invader zim, jack aubrey, jackass, james dean, jess, jesus, jim hawkins, joel, john silver, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, johnny the homicidal maniac, joseph gordon-levitt, katie, kirsten dunst, kissing, kitti, kitty pryde, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, leonardo dicaprio, liberty's kids, lilo and stitch, lois lane, loud rock music, mad magazine, marty mcfly, mary jane watson, master and commander, mission hill, montressor, morph, mummies, my girlfriend, nirvana, our lady peace, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, ray garraty, reading, rebel without a cause, richard bach, road to el dorado, robin, sam, sarah hawkins, saturday night live, ships, shorts, shrek, signs, solar surfers, solar surfing, soundgarden, south park, space ghost, spider-man, spike spiegel, stephen king, stephen maturin, stuffed animal parades, superheroes, superman, tanktops, tanukis, teen titans, the beatles, the black cauldron, the drew carey show, the iron giant, the little mermaid, the long walk, the rolling stones, the simpsons, tim burton, tomboys, traveling, treasure planet, u2, vampires, vh1, who framed roger rabbit?, will & grace, will turner, wonder woman, zombies, ,